What did you do in the garden today?


Free Ranging
Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
So I won't be growing purple brussels sprouts again. You know how an over cooked brussel sprout gets that kinda grey green look? Yeah, purple looks even worse. Plus before I even could cook them I had to let them soak in a bucket overnight and that was after rinsing them multiple times in sometimes hot water to get the many aphids and tiny slugs off. I suppose I'd have the same bug issues with a green variety as well. All is not lost though, the chickens and rabbits love them! I present, Upside-down Purple Xmas Tree!
Upsidedown Xmas Tree.jpg

This pic was right after I hung it and the chickens weren't sure about it. But they chewed all the leaves off by the next day. Then I trimmed off the leaf stems and they finished the sprouts as well. I gave them a new one yesterday. The rabbits get just the leaves and not too much of that.

Cleaned the coop (to the ladies great delight) and scattered some of those nice smelling herbs once I was done. The ladies also got yogurt with oatmeal and some baked squash guts. I used up the last of the chopped straw and pine shavings so I'll be making a trip to the feed store shortly. Watered the greenhouse, the ginger isn't growing but it gets pretty cold at night. One of the ladies gave us a small egg yesterday. It's either a sfh or a sussex egg, I'm hopping it's a sussex, they haven't laid yet and they're one of the few birds that aren't molting. One of them squatted for me the other day so we'll see. They are so smart, they know I'll slip them treats on the downlow since they're lowest in the pecking order so they watch me like hawks.

Time to head to the feed store and grab a cuppa on the way. Did I say we finally have a Starbucks in the city I go for feed? Squeeeeeee! :wee


Apr 23, 2019
I cooked a roast today too. It was supposed to cook at 170 for 2 hours per lb after 20 mins at 450. The thing is over 4 lbs & it was done (almost over done) in less than 2 hrs. :he It was done in time for lunch. :lau Won't do a roast that way again! I also found out that my oven thermometer probe thingie is off by 10 degrees. Doh! Thankfully I checked it because I've never used the meat probe before.

What a mess.

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