What did your chickens do today?


7 Years
Jul 10, 2012
The Foothills Of Chickendom
Today, my rooster which has just started doing rooster things decided he would jump on some girls....right in front of me.lol.
He is trying to show me how good he is.

This morning he also did his first morning crow.

So what did your chickens do today?
My new chicks discovered that chick starter with warm water to moisten and clump is the best treat in the whole wide world and climbed all over the kids to eat it.

My sons is the friendliest and has now been christened his "minion" as it chases him everywhere :). It's nice it's turned out that way since our rooster Ed that got rehomed was his.
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My rooster crowed this morning for the first time, too! I think he was just letting everyone know he wanted to be let out of the coop.

It was a lovely day today, so the chickens were out wandering the yard and enjoying the weather. I fed them some apple slices and they flopped down for naps in the sunshine all splayed out like they were dead. I love my silly birds.
Sounds good with you both
. I love days like that.

Hay appps. I tried that with my flock today and they LOVED it as well. I think you have got something there.
Well,my chickens were my neighbors,but they moved into our bush.they're mine now,of course :D so Mr Fox somehow acted them all out of the Bush and chased my EE,Hawk,but she tripped and rolled and it got her belly feathers(she's like,bald down there now)and she ran smack into a plastic fence we had up for the chicks during the day.then he ran smack into the fence.My dad and I ran out there the second the chickens started fussing and he saw it all.he scared the Fox one way,Hawk ran the other way.but all I heard was a chicken screaming,getting farther away.INSTANT,HEART STOP.thank goodness she was ok,but apparently,when chickens get that scared,they run a good way,then freeze stiff.we found the hens and 1 polish cockeral(at 1am)but I had to go to sleep knowing my 2 others roos were frozen stiff out there somewhere!but they all came back(by 9am),and I remembered,my hens lay eggs in our barn/she'd thing with a big open garage door. 1 hen went broody the day before and we were departing if we were going to me save her out thereto do it,or bring her into the basement. I insisted she had to stay in the basement!!!!She would have been Fox food! Well,there's what my chickens did the other day.STRESS ME OUT that's what :)

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