What do geese do when we get snow?


11 Years
May 3, 2008
I am wondering how bored they get when we have snow? Mine just have a kiddy sized pool so I am wondering what's going to happen when it snows? They won't be able to graze anymore. Do your geese mostly stay in their house or do they go out and wander around in the snow?
Of course I am in the upper south so snow is fairly rare but I remember one day where we got 10 inches overnight. I and about half the county stayed home (you don't want to be on unplowed roads where the people have no experience driving in the stuff) I went to let the geese out to see what they would do when they saw snow for the first time. They played in it like kids until they started to get hungry (I feed at night) Some tried to dig down to the grass but some realized that they could use their webbed feet like snow shoes to reach higher than they could before so they started to look for bushes they could eat... Eventually they got bored and got up on their straw and took a nap waiting for me to bring them feed. My geese like to nap, hot or cold didn't change that.
Though we don't get much snow Their pool freezes up over night. My big gander would go and jump up and down on the ice in the morning. If he hadn't broken thru by the time to leave for work I would take a hoe to to crack it which would PO the gander because he thought it was HIS JOB
I'm in Michigan so live in a cold winter climate like you do.
Geese pretty much to the same thing they do in the summer...fiddle around.
I give mine leafy alfalfa hay (make sure its not moldy or real dusty)
to pick at. They eat the leaves and toss the stems over their backs.
I also give mine apples, pumpkins and winter squash to nibble on.
Greens from the grocery store are a nice treat.
Look for the dated produce they sell cheap.
They like to chew on branches and old logs.
I fill my pools as much as I'm able so they can bathe and play in the water.
You can throw some apple halves in their water and let them bob for apples.



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