What do i do if my baby chick can't stand


Aug 25, 2019
I seperated my chicks I got yesterday and one of them stopped moving and can't stand what do i do I really need some help to make him stronger
Sometimes baby chicks have problems like this. Maybe if you could post some clear pictures that show the chick’s legs (the position it holds them in)someone could offer you some advice. One thing I’ve done is to put a folded paper towel into the bottom of a water glass or similar and put the chick in there so that the walls of the glass support it in an upright position. You’ll have to give it water from a dropper and hand-feed it.

Depending on what is wrong (splayed legs?) you may also make hobbles from tape (cut thin). They should allow the chick to stand in a normal position but not give its legs enough freedom to do the splits.

I’ve tried both of these things on a number of occasions and neither has worked. I have heard of them working though. Your luck may be better.

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