What do I do with this cockerel?


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Mar 1, 2018
Northwest Arkansas
The guy at tractor supply said he could sex straight run Rd. Island reds with 95% accuracy. Ha! Now what do I do with this little guy? He’s currently 2.5 weeks old . We don’t want to get too attached.


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sunshine ducky

9 Years
Aug 7, 2012
Feed/farm stores tend to be very welcoming in taking in cockerels. If that’s not an option they do crow at 6 months. So you’ll have plenty of time to sell him off or give him away for free. The possibilities of getting rid of cockerels are endless. Good luck!


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Sep 2, 2014
NE Ohio
You can take em back to the expert as Aart said, you can raise him for meat , or you can give him away ASAP.

My 2nd year w/ hens I ended up w/ one rooster out of 12 chicks, gave him away after he started crowing @14 wks gorgeous Black Copper.

My 3rd year I ended up with one beautiful barred rock roo that started crowing @18 wks and I had to butcher him and cook em ala Italian Stew.

My 4th year with chickens, we hatched some heritage eggs end up having 4 Roos out of 15 hatched. Gave away 1 while he was 2 days old and 2 stayed under the radar until 9 weeks old started crowing pathetically and found a home immediately since they’re both beautiful and rare. One stayed way under the radar until 22 wks old and I still have him 11 months later, though he attacked me 4x protecting his flock and he almost end up in the freezer camp until I gather my guts to do it sometime this next month.

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