What do I feed after Chick Starter?

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    Ok-new to chickens and only have 4. My girls have been eating Purina Start & Grow so far. Still on the same 50lb bag but almost done. They will be 12 wks on Wed 5/11. What do I put them on next? Flock raiser and then supplement oyster shells when they start to lay? Or go straight to Layer? Obviously a bag of feed lasts quite awhile here and don't like to waste stuff. I have been using Purina products so far cause they are easier for me to find. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you. [​IMG]
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    It says on the bag under directions to feed until 4 weeks before laying switch to Layena, so I would buy another 50 lb bag. The second bag should be used up more quickly than the first one since they are bigger.
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    Start and Grow (Purina) bag says just fine for the first 18 weeks. It illustrates it on the bar graph on the back of the bag as well. I feed Start and Grow until I switch to layer feed. When they start "squatting" and are close to laying, I switch over. Run a mix until the Start & Grow is gone. Just what I do and no problems to date with each batch.
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