What do I feed my chicks to fatten up them??


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Mar 21, 2009
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Just wondering what to feed my little chickies that are going to be dinner in a few months time???
I am presuming its chick crumb when they are born?? MY chick crumb I had already had to be thrown in the bin so they are on oatmeal at the minute until the crumb arrives. Is this ok?? I then need to buy a 'growers' one?? I read somewhere that turkey grower is a good thing to feed your chickens if you are fattening them, is this a good idea??
What does everyone else do??
My poultry store recommended turkey grower but apparently meat starter and meat finisher are virtually the same as well. I finished mine on meat starter and the little guys had heaps of meat. Only 3 weeks, as well on the feed from malnourished.
Turkey grower is 24% protein. I fed mine a 24% protein feed for the first 5 or 6 weeks then backed them down to a 20% protien for the remainder -- another 5 weeks. I fed the 24% protein feed right from the get go. I used all non-medicated feed. Good luck and have fun raising them!

I guess I didn't notice if they were starters or finishers. I just went on the protein content.
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Don't think we get meat starter or finisher here, what actually is it??

I'm sorry I will have to check for you, I'm not sure. It's a high protein feed, I know that. 22% I think? I think grower was 24% and finisher was also 22% but I don't know what that is in America! D: D:

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