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    Nov 14, 2007
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    Hi all,
    We are getting ready to get our first little silkies soon, they were born beginning of october to middle of october.
    What will we need for them?
    Looking for a list so we can get everything together and hopefully not forget anything.
    They are in the 2 month old range.
    Can they be outside?
    Do they need heat lamp?
    Should we keep in for a few more weeks?
    Chicken feed, grit, water,
    Thank you all for any suggestions!!!

    p.s. one of my daughters is hoping to use them for 4-H, (she's interested in chickens and wanted to try showing them for the first year in 4-H) will it work with their age?
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    You should be able to put them outside depending on how cold it is where you are at. They will need some type of cover from the rain and/or snow. It should protect them from the wind and from predators at night. You will need some type of fenced in area for them, at least for a while until they are older. Don't use chicken wire! It is too flimsy to keep out a determined coon, dog or cat. Use something like half inch wire and build a frame to support it. In the coop(whatever you decide to use) I suggest wood shavings for the floor. This will help with the cold and keep them a little warmer and also keep the mess they make from getting bad. Just keep the shavings changed to where it does not become damp or too messy. Don't use cedar shavings get the pine or hardwood schavings.
    Now, you will need a feeder almost every Co-Op, Feed store or Tractor Supply will have these. It's basically your choice. Then some type of waterer, also found at the above places. And again your choice. Then comes feed. Purina makes some good stuff along with many others. Just don't use straight "scratch" ......it has hardly any nutritional value. Use a grower feed or a mixture of grower & scratch. I'd use 75% grower & 25% scratch. This is a subject to where everyone will have their on ideas about what feed or mixture to use..!
    Next, you will want to offer them some grit. This is to help with the grinding of their food. It comes in different sizes, just ask where you buy it, they should be able to help with which size you would need. I could go on but, this should get you started in the right direction.
    You will over time figure other things you may want or need and believe me you will think they are treated better than you are.! Have fun with it and enjoy it. If you are like a lot of us on here you will be hooked!!!

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