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Apr 10, 2009
I know this will vary, but what do you charge for the eggs you sell? Large eggs are about $1.25 in the grocery store, and our local food co-op sells large eggs for $2.50, so I'm thinking of trying $2.00. The hens are free range (within a yard) and fed unmedicated commercial feed and leftover veggies and greenery (they loved the pepper plants I threw in there after I harvested the last of the peppers).

What do you think?
3.00 a dozen and they thought that was cheap
I sell for $2.50 a dozen... sort of. It's what the grocery store charges for "brown cage free" eggs. Meaning the chickens roam around in a barn.

My chickens are pretty much free range and organic. A Co-op in my area sells similar eggs for $3.50 for 6 (yep $7 a dozen). Every one I know is thrilled to get really good extremely fresh eggs from happy healthy drug free chickens for $2.50.

There's value in freshness and keeping chickens in a human manner. People are more then willing to pay just a bit more for you eggs. And the hardest thing to do is raise you price if you find you are coming up short. It's far easier to lower you price or throw in a few extras now and then. Right now I'm selling 18 for the price of 12 because I have several pullets laying small eggs. 9 large/ medium eggs and 9 small eggs for $2.50 .... my customers are THRILLED.

I'd never consider less that $2.50. Your eggs will most certainly be fresher than the co-ops why would you consider selling cheaper?m
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I sell mine for $2.00 and they are free range with commerical feed also. Funny yours went for the pepper plants. Green/Red peppers are about the ONLY thing my chickens wont get near...LOL

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