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    in your everyday life that makes a difference in the world? Why do you do it and why do you think it is important? Do you feel that it makes a difference? Does it matter to you if it changes nothing? Another thread got me thinking about this topic. So many people do things everyday that make a real difference in the world; they volunteer, they teach, they foster children, they mentor, they walk dogs, they provide meals for the home bound, they give of their time and money.

    I'll start off. I volunteer at the local elementary school, where I still have one kid attending. I volunteer mainly in the science lab and for science related activities because I think that science in the classroom is important. Most of the programs I'm involved in through this are to make science fun. My kids and I also volunteer at the local food pantry/thrift store. This organization has a community garden, a thrift store for clothes and furniture, a clinic and a food pantry. It provides assistence for the poor, elderly and disaster relief. I also volunteer with Coats for Kids and BSA. I do this because I feel that I am fortunate in my circumstances, and I feel I should give back to my community. I volunteer with my kids because I think that it is important for them to learn; how to give of their time, how to make things happen for others and how fortunate they are. I think it makes a difference. It certainly does to the kid who gets the coat, and to the family who gets fresh veggies that the couldn't otherwise afford.
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    I'm still a kid, but I see my main job in life is to be "older sister" to my nine siblings. As one can well imagine, that's a bit much for mom to take care of on her own, so I'm helping to raise and take care of the kids, so that they may become healthy, wise, kind, and able to work when they grow up, so to speak. It's not anything flashy, but I love doing it.
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    I'm a stay at home mom, and I donate eggs (duck and chicken) to various ladies at our church every week. I always bring food to people who need help (families at our school or church)... not much really. We used to volunteer at a nursing home, visiting a pair of folks, but since they died, we just don't go there anymore. Growing an extra row though, for the food shelf...
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    Many years ago, as the grandkids kept coming and Christmas became a financial nightmare instead of what it SHOULD be, my parents finally said, "No more." Kids still get stuff, because they're kids, but all we want from the adults and teens is a kind act toward someone, anyone at anytime throughout the year. We then wrote what we had done on a card and hung it on the tree, often unsigned. Our gifts to each other were Random Acts of Kindness to others.

    In their 70's at the time, my parents were still volunteering at their church, working the thrift shop, helping place abused women and children; bathing, feeding or just sitting with disabled parishoners to give other family members a break, etc.

    And the 'gifts' didn't have to be anything near as giving as what they were doing: The younger ones would often buy a meal at a fast food place and give randomly to a homeless person, or mow a lawn for an elderly neighbor, etc.

    I was in the Navy and often not home, but where ever I was, I did what little things I could that I hope made a small difference. I don't know how many orphanages I've painted in my off-duty times, or coats and blankets I've collected, food drives I've coordinated, etc.

    I firmly believe in "What goes around, comes around", so to me, simply letting someone out in traffic may result in some employee not having a grouchy boss, or maybe someone not losing a job. I don't need to see the result of my RAoK, I just know that when someone is rude or inconsiderate to me, it affects my attitude, just as when someone is un-expectantly kind, it's so uplifiting and encouraging.

    My folks have both gone now, [​IMG] and I slowly see us drifting back to the old ways of materialism as we scatter around the states and get busy in our own grandchildren and worries, but I plan to do whatever I can to see Mom and Dad's legacy carried on to the great-grand-dudes and dudettes...[​IMG]
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    My family and I help a senior citizen man by donating him a loaded fruit (or I guess I should say, food) basket. This year we also bought him a coat, mittens, a blanket and a hat. Once I have eggs I do plan on giving him those, plus surplus stuff from my garden. He lives by VERY humble means and it feels great to help him and actually SEE your efforts utilized. [​IMG] We look forward to it every year. [​IMG] We also volunteer for our Fire Dept.
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    I'm struggling a little with finances, so much of my time is dedicated to the job hunting process and odd jobs. However, I do relief work at the domestic violence shelter though and donate time on top of that to make sure that their computers and security systems are functioning well.

    Before I got caught in this bind, I spent a lot of time helping my students. Most of the work I did revolved around my job, but I took a lot of extra time to work with my students before and after school on work. Acting as a sounding board for a couple of parents who had some trouble. I also went to a lot of my students extracurricular events outside of school. I thought it was important to show that I supported them in being well rounded individuals....miss those brats.
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    You know that is a very intersting question, I am a son, a brother, a friend to many, and a jazz singer who tries to make a difference with every person I encounter. God really has blessed me in so many ways that I can't even count them. Although with all of my blessings and whatnot, I think it's important to give back to society what God gives you. In each and every single motion and movement I perform I try to create awareness for whatever I think needs to be spoken for. Some subjects might be considered taboo so I won't bother mentioning them as it may offend some, but I would like to think I try to be a voice for those who can't be heard that well, or just haven'nt learned to speak for themselves yet, then again I'm not too sure I'm such a good representitive. In short, I try to help by giving back to society. I also donate to a few charities that I think could use my help and aw well and teaching my sister how to play the piano. That's me [​IMG]
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    Quote:What she said. But switch nine to five.
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    Been meaning to ask Eenie...

    Are your siblings Meanie, Miney and Moe?
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    My hubby has 2 older sisters, in their late 80's. They both have grandsons that live with them, and tend to them 24/7, and we all appreciate them. But once a week or so, I cook a big meal and take over there to each of them. They boys cook for them, or go get something, but they don't get beans and 'taters and cornbread unless I cook for them. And it is a blessing to all of us, because it blesses me seeing them so happy and enjoying it.

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