what do you dream of ?


10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
i fantasize about winning the lottery so i can buy a house with a big bit of land & high fences so my chickens can free range till their hearts content, only have four bantams and live in suburbia. their run is 8ft x 8ft,they free range in the garden for about an hour a day but have to be on the lookout for cats so can't be left free ranging on their own, how i long to be surrounded by chickens on my own bit of land, if only


On the Hill
12 Years
Jun 14, 2007
central louisiana
That my husband would not have to work away and could be home every night with us
and not that we have a lot of debt, but to be debt free would be nice
We were headed there till someone else hit us in two different wrecks that were neither of our faults


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10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
win enough in the lottery to buy up all the surrounding land. The property to the north and south of us, as well as the west of us... all in all only about 80 or so acres but it would be enough


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10 Years
May 22, 2009
North Central Florida
um, no. Really, it would never be enough because then you'd want to buy the stuff next to that.
You'd be Michigan's Ted Turner.

I'd like to buy out Florida and stop all the rampant development of out agricultural lands. but, I doubt the state would approve, something about jobs.

..and no one wants to work hard enough to make the agriculture sustainable.
What was it that Will Rogers said, something about 'land is the best investment you can make, because they aren't making it anymore.'
I hope you all get your dreams, none of them seem impossible.


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10 Years
Dec 15, 2009
Penn Valley, CA
I'm still a young adult so there's plenty of time to accomplish this, but my dream is to:

- Own a house with some property
- Have a few nice chicken coops with runs
- Have some large, beautiful runs for several different species of exotic pheasants
- Have a job that I love and that pays enough for me to pay for necessary expenses plus have some left over to save and spend.

Hopefully someday my dreams will come true.


10 Years
Nov 23, 2009
Deep In The Left Atrium Of TX
DH finishing his degree and once he has landing a position with a good school.

By good I mean a school with a supportive staff, students who want to learn, no crazy nut jobs, either in an area where I can have my Some Day Plans OR one that's within a short/low traffic commute of said land.

Some Day Plans meaning a home that suits us (3 bedrooms, at least 1.5 baths, and a spare room for study/office/library and a kitchen that's roomy/well equipped enough for my canning/etc hopes) on at least a few acres. I'd love to have some acres being woods we can tromp around in (DH loves tromping and thinking) and have a source of firewood as well. Space to plant, space for coops (chickens, turkeys and ducks at least), space for a cow or a few goats. A well equipped workshop for taking care of our vehicles, home stuff, and the nutty projects I think up. Space for an aquaponics (maybe greenhouse) would be fabulous as well... grow veggies/herbs AND fresh clean seafood (fish or shrimp) as well.

I've got a dream home plan... a couple different options from a simple 3 bedroom to one that has a roomy attic with extra room up there... all those plans have a lovely library and the most awesome kitchen EVER... including walk in pantry and my dream stove... *sigh* No way would I blow that kind of money on a stove unless we won the lotto, but a gal can dream.

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