What do you keep a emu in?

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  1. I am kinda wanting 1-2 emus. Could I just have one or do I need 2 or more? Also, what do you keep them in? Like a coop and run, or just a run? I am brand new to this so please tell me what I need to know to be able to keep Emus in?

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    You would keep an emu in an environment similar to a horse or pony. They require about the same amount of space to run, and some do or do not use shelters, but one in a shaded are would be ideal for them to get out of the heat. They enjoy water during summer so a kiddie pool is a welcomed enjoyment to them. They need a tall fence for the most part, barbed wire or hot wire has little affect on them, so a wire fence is best.
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    i've never kept emus, but probably more than 1 would be best. if they're like other birds, they'll get depressed without social interaction.
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    Quote:X2 Might add, make the fence good and tight too.
  5. Thanks for the replys, and how much space does one emu need? I have never been into horses or ponys, so I don't know the rule. And, were could I find I fence tall enough to keep them from jumping it?
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    If you raise them from babies and never let them push through the fence you are keeping them in, then they are less likely to learn to jump it. Also emus are more likely to run into fences running from another emu, but if you keep a single emu make sure it has another animal for company. The more space the better for a emu. How much property do you have? I personally do at least an acre for them, so have them in less, I will soon have them on 10-30 acres. Please do reserch on them before you decide. They live a long time, are not animals for everyone and can be hard to rehome if you get tired of them. They are more like having a cross between a horse and a chicken than just a bird, they are horse like in many ways. make sure you are up for their care and needs.
    I fence them in either horse corral panels or this:

  7. Thanks for a fast reply! I have around 4.5 acres, so I think I could give up an acre. Thats just less grss for me to cut every week. [​IMG] Does each emu need and acre? Oh, and thats why I am on BYC (and google) to do my research. I am not even positive I am going to get one. Really , I am dappling into other birds, because I am ready to expand my birds hobby. [​IMG]

    ETA: That picture is so funny! [​IMG] Thanks for a early morning laugh!
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    Glad you are doing research first. If you have 4.5 acres, I would give the emu as much space to roam as possible. The more space the happier they are. If you have a pond, emus will often go in it to cool down and play. When raised from babies (males tend to be friendlier on average) they can be very friendly and interactive. They are not the smartest animal however and when scared or overly excited they will run into things, that it why it is important to have a solid fence that will not fall over. They try to eat all kinds of things, screws, nuts & bolts, jewelry, anything brightly colored or shiny... they are very curious. they like to eat dirt for some reason, aswell as plants and veggies. they can kick like a horse, but they have 3 sharp claws on the end of those toes. Normally only when trying to hold one down or grabbing them do they try and kick. It is important to handle them as much as possible as babies to get them use to handling. They can be good livestock guardians and when raised with other animals get along well with them.

  9. Thats good to know! I am really liking them as chicks, but I just don't know about an adult. [​IMG] I like big animals; I am just scared it will be to much for me to handle and give the apropriate care. [​IMG]
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    Wa ha ha . . .

    I’m feeling cheeky this morning: you keep them on a ‘continent.’ Then they can just run around as much as they like, and interact with the other (419,438,746,289,346,293,846,293,486) emus.

    Your pictures fascinate me, Emu Hugger. I can only imagine how much drama one would have trying to get that cute little saddle on Eric the Emu, the old male with the frightening eyes and the scars! I shall watch with great interest. From inside the house. From behind the sofa. With a steel garbage bin on my head.

    Supreme Emu

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