What do you pay for oyster shell and grit?


Aug 22, 2017
Los Angeles (Woodland Hills); gardening zone 9B
I'm an idiot and I don't pay all that much attention to what I'm paying for things. I make a run to the feed store and stock up on various things for cats/dogs/chickens and hand them my credit card without paying all that much attention. But yesterday I only needed oyster shell and grit.

I got the MannaPro 5# bags and paid $27 + change for things that are, basically, reclaimed waste. That can't be right! Am I just getting soaked because I'm part of a niche market in Los Angeles? What does this stuff cost around the country?
I got the MannaPro 5# bags and paid $27
I have never seen them that high. :eek:

$10-15 for 50# is what I pay.

My friend who isn't able to deal with large bags buys from our LFS that sells smaller repacked bags is 5# for $3.

I don't buy grit as my birds get that from the ground. But even Amazon delivered to your door step is cheaper than what ya got. ;)
Uh, admittedly, I don't look at how much I pay either :hmm. I get Scratch & Peck brand grit and oyster shell, so it's probably more expensive than it needs to be, but I like that they carry a larger size grit than what I can find in the bulk bin.
Yeah, you really got hosed.

At Rural King here the 5lb and 50lb bags cost virtually the same, something like $9. I get the 50 and just dump it in a 5 gallon bucket.

I DID! And I'm done with that feed store! First they sold me "all flock" feed a number of times before I checked the label and found out it *wasn't*. They don't carry all-flock so they simply sold me what they had without telling me what I was getting. Then I found out I was being fleeced on the grit and oyster.

Fortunately, there's another feed store a little further out of town by my grandson's school. They sold me 50# of oyster shell for just a little more than the 5# bag I had just bought. The second feed store only had grit in the 5# bags but their 5# bag was almost half the price of the first feed store's.

So, I've got oyster shell to last the rest of my life and improve my tomatoes as well. And I'll know where to get my grit. It's the same place that will sell me all-flock that's actually all-flock by happy coincidence. AND it's near the best Mexican food in my part of the San Fernando Valley.

My chickens are now well-provided for and I'm a better consumer. Thank you all for your feedback. (...and for not making fun of my stoopidity!)
I buy a 50 lnd bag that lasts my hens a year, around time they have it on sale for 10.00, it's normally 12.00 but as long as it lasts catching it on sale helps with your cost

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