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    This is my first attempt at posting pics, so I hope it works!
    These are some chicks I bought from a breeder in Austin. The dark ones are supposed to be true Ameraucanas. The light gray one is also supposed to be a true Am, but I can't find that color on the charts I've seen, so I'm suspecting EE. The brownish one is an EE. They are about nine weeks old now. Their mouths are open because we're in a massive heat wave in central Texas. This day it was 99 in the shade. Let me know what you think about their gender... thanks!

    This is Sparkle:

    Sparkle's comb:

    This is Cloudy: (can you tell my kids named those two?)

    Cloudy's comb:

    This is Doh! on the right with Cloudy on the left: (she just has that look on her face...)

    This is Doh!'s head shot, odd spot on the side:

    This is Maya:

    Maya's comb:

    That's it for now. What do you think? Thanks!!!
  2. ve

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    Jan 27, 2009
    Palmetto GA
    Dark one is blue color ,light is splash, brown one I donot think is standart color.Do the Light one has beard and what color are its legs-slate or green?
  3. lovinlife

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    The brown is def an EE. It's a cross with the blue Ameraucan roo the breeder had and a RIR hen.

    The splash isn't listed on the ameraucana breeders club color chart. Is it shown somewhere else? Sparkle has light green legs. I'll see if I can get better pics today of the face and muff, it's small. Not sure if Sparkle is a boy or a girl.

    The brown was a victim to bullying by my guineas before I separated them. Her tail was pecked to pieces and I'm just glad she lived. It's starting to grow out now, but that's why her tail feathers are so sparse. I'm pretty sure that's a girl.

    Any ideas on gender for these four?
  4. txchickie

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    Nov 15, 2008
    I would guess pullets for all of them. Let's hope I'm right [​IMG]
  5. lovinlife

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    I hope you're right!!!![​IMG]
  6. lovinlife

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    I tried to get a pic of Sparkle's minimal muff.

    It's not much, but might develop more with age. dont' know...
  7. lovinlife

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    Anyone want to confirm the pullet prediction?
    Is Sparkle a Splash Ameraucana?
    Is Cloudy a pullet even though she's bigger than Doh!?


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