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Sep 1, 2009
Yes, it's in the U.S., NM
Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me if this was a good coop/ how many chickens it would hold... It seems kinda small. Thanks!

The only chicken coop of its kind! Recycled and repurposed materials used in the construction (old projection TV).

This coop is truly one of a kind, no one else in the city will have one!
Plenty of room for the urban chicken flock. Easy access for birds and human alike, easy to clean out. Good for a nesting area and sleeping quarters, but not suitable for keeping them in all day long.
Artistically created and finished. Many people have said that watching their chickens is like watching TV. Now you can take it to the next level of entertainment!
Size of the coop is: 49" tall x 41" wide x 23 1/2" deep
Asking $150

If you plan on totally free ranging, then you might be ok for just 4 birds. But if you're not sure, then you might want to spring for something more predator proof, or at least build a predator proof run with that coop as part of it. But honestly, that coop doesn't look like a great buy. You could build something bigger and stronger and more secure for $150.

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