what do you use ???


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What do you use to know which chick goes to what person... I have someone who interested in getting some new chicks from me if they and when they hatch. Maybe further on down the road they'll be wanting more . I hatch them and then they take them after four days.
Any suggestions? Thanks
i used a black marker. my barred rocks who had black heads didn't work much but the white breeds could easily be told apart. after a week or so they grew in head feathers and the markings were gone
I was thinking about the same thing, but i dont really want to do that like if it gets to small or something. i thought about using small velcro straps around there legs in different colors.
Velcro strips might just work, but keep an eye on them they might pull it off.
The chicken bands are the size of my ring finger, they are for full size chickens so they will only grow into it when they are closer to adult age/size, and they expand to open them, it's similar to a small key ring but plastic for expansion.

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