What does lockdown mean?

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Jun 7, 2010
I always have heard of lockdown on day 18 and I know it means something everytime it gets to day 18 I dont touch the eggs what does it really mean?
well...where i work, it means we put the inmates to bed...
here, i think it's when you leave the eggs alone until they hatch (barring any mechanical issues).
Anyone...am I right?
I really don't like the term, what people are saying, is they are moving the eggs from turning tray to hatching tray, if using a turner or if hand turning they stop, then keep hands off the incubator till hatch, generally that happens day 18, but can be as early as day 14

my spelling is bad tonight
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It's just a term that someone here started which only means the last 3 days of incubation you are not suppose to open the incubator. You are suppose to candle one last time on the evening of day 18, add your water to reach the correct humidity levels and then no opening the bator til your hatch is done.

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