What does the term "shrink-wrapped" mean?


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May 12, 2009
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And what threat does it pose? Can a baby be helped if it's shrink-wrapped? I heard this happens with eggs that lose too much moisture, and think one of my older eggs is in danger of this.
All you have to do if this happens is carefully rub warm water on the membrane encasing the chick and that should loosen it up enough to be able to break out of the shell. If not treated/helped the chick can die in the shell.
What it means is:
Contained in, for protection or shipping, a conforming plastic film that reduces in size during application to tightly hold the item.

As for the chicken world and eggs...I have never heard this expression...not that it isn't used.......

Let us throw it out there...
In the chicken world it is when the membrane surrounding the chick dries and the chick is unable to extract itself from the shell. i agree with previous poster its real meaning is when items get shrink wrapped for shipping, Pallets of goods are shrink wrapped with film and batteries are shrink wrapped with that stuff that is indestructable LOL.

A lot of people beleive the drying can come from opening the incubator during hatch. Lots of info on this board about how to help when needed.
Ahh, so shrink-wrapping (per say) is when the membrane dries. That's good to know – I was under the assumption it was something different.

Thanks everyone!

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