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Aug 18, 2011
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My son (the one in the picture) has wanted to incubate some eggs. We have this rooster (not sure what breed he is) that we got free in a trade, and production red hens. Does anyone know what type chicks we can expect? He keeps asking me and I can't give him any type of answer.


= ?
there is no telling till you breed and hatch some but you rooster looks like it could be a light sussex

If it is a light sussex roo and a production red, you can get white chicks that look light sussex but end up with lots of black feathers dotting thier backs as well as red-orange chicks with white on the feathers on their backs. I had a RIR pullet in with my light sussex roo for a while last year and that is what hatched from the eggs. Now if you have a RIR roo and aLigth sussex hen you would get sex linked chicks.

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