What geese out of mine is the best guard geese?

Ducks and geese7

Nov 20, 2018
Gallup, New Mexico
I have three geese. They are about 7 9 months old and I wonder which one would be a better guard geese.
I have one twente goose
I have one white Chinese goose
And I have one brown chinese gees
Which one would be better as a guard geese?


Free Ranging
6 Years
Jan 2, 2016
Westminster sc
:lol: Well all geese aren’t mean but sure can make you think they are. Not many can hold their own with a predators with teeth meant to kill prey but they can sound the alarm if something was around that isn’t suppose to be.
If your wanting something to protect your flock get a dog, it's not 100% but with the right training it is 99% effective
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