What gender is this porcelain D'uccle?


Mar 6, 2020
Are you keeping your chick? I got 2 more D'Uccles, I'm pretty sure Minnie mouse is a female..shes now 4 weeks and still no comb. I'm pretty sure the mille fleur is a male, comb looks like yours did, and hes only like 2.5 weeks. But the white... hmm.. maybe female. 3 weeks, a slight comb, but not as prominent as the mille fleur (who I cannot even get close to take a pic of cuz its crazy!!)
I am probably going to keep him, I'll let you know if I change my mind though. (Cute chicks!❤)


May 9, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
I am very sure he's a roo, he has big comb and I've seen him flare up his little neck feathers at the other chicks (mostly the other roo) he is very sweet with me though. Lets me pick him up at will, and naps on my lap. View attachment 2161006
Omg so adorable!!!! What type is your other bird? It's also pretty!! Now I am going to have to go hold them instead of work 😂

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