What GOOD things happened this year?



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All I hear about is how bad 2020 was. And while I agree completely, I'm curious about what GOOD things happened to you this year? It could be anything. Maybe you got chickens for the first time, or the 100th time. Maybe you had a baby or bought a house. Or someone was really kind when you needed it the most. Nothing is too small! So what good has happened to you this year? I'll start. We got a puppy! A cute weimaraner my son named Thor. He is now 9 months old(the dog, not the boy :D ) Pictures are of different months
On a phone, you have to hold down and then the little bar will come up and you can choose. On a computer you have to hover over it.
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I'm going to say that this - learning how to do a "heart" icon - was a good thing that happened this year! I honestly thought you needed an "upgraded" account to do that, wow 💡

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