What Has Happened?,and Will They Forgive Me?


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Jul 30, 2010
hi group,my 2 peacocks,have been tame and freindly,but kept getting out of my yard,which would be fine,and anticipated this,but!!!
when one gets out,the other honks and screams for ,who knows how long,till he figures out how to get out of my yard too.
so,i thought i would stop this.
i clipped their wings yesterday,it was an easy process,as they are so tame,BUT!!
today,they seem like different birds!!!
they always wandered around the yard,and as soon as i got home,would spend ALL day near my door.
now they are sulking!!,will not come near me,just spend all day in the farthest place,in my yard,away from me
they always came when i called them,but now ,nothing
are they just "ticked"?
will they come around?,and be like they were?
i am sooooo upset,as these are my babies!!
what can i do??
Awww! I've never had this happen, but I'm sure they're just pouting and upset, I'm sure they'll come around again.. bring them out some treats and try to give them some extra luvins!
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yes its the catching and holding them, mine will do that after catching and moving to new pens....just start taming them again
Why did you clip their wings, i would think free rangers need to be able to fly to get away from danger at least thats the way it is at my place.
Treats, Treats and more Treats... maybe some nice juicy meal worms, special dog food or something they love...... way to their heart is through the tummy. Best Wishes

My peafowl, when clipped can still jump on top of my 12 ft high barn roof. It just slows them down and keeps them from flying away......
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