What Hatchery Does TSC Use?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
Going to TSC tomorrow to (Hopefully) get me 2 Magpie ducks. What hatchery does TSC usaully use? Also going to be looking at the bantys there and wanted a few OEGB's. Anyone have pics of them so I know what to look for?
I was wondering the same thing about my local TSC. They got their first shipment of chicks yesterday and I went by today to check them out. They had the bins labeled straight run assorted and pullets assorted. I was disappointed they couldn't even tell me what MIGHT be in there! By the look of the chicks, mostly EEs, unless there are other chicks that have that same look to them! Some were black with white on heads or white near undersides. I thought barred rock?? I am by no means a chick breed identifying expert! Luckily for me my local feed store does have pullets separated by variety. Only 3 varieties, but better than not knowing IMO!
Haha, you and me both I use the same TSC as you, I got 5 out of those bins yesterday. and im guessing your talking about Glissons feed? I got a Goose and pretty White cochin hen from there yesterday as well
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They're going to have DUCKS!?! Ooooooh maybe I shouldn't go. The stores here aren't getting anything until after the 16th.

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