What have we created?? Meet Ragnar

Mr Sparkles

5 Years
Oct 7, 2014
Hello! New member here. I am Mr. Sparkles. A name I took from our pet mille fleur bantam cochin rooster who died today. :( R.I.P. big guy...

Anyway down to business...

I have been wanting to toss a picture of this rooster we got from a blue bantam cochin rooster and a mille fleur bantam cochin hen.

This is Ragnar.

Please forgive me, these pictures don't do him justice. My kids did not want to help me get him into a better pose because helping their dad with the chickens is "boring" He is a striking rooster. I was just wondering if anyone would know what he is or is he just a pretty "mut". He reminds me of a golden Birchen if there was such a thing.

We are hoping to put him with our blue and black bantam hens and see if we can get more with his style coloration. Is there hope to make more like him?

Thank you for your time!!
I think you created nothing more than a pretty "mutt." That happens often when crossing different varieties. I agree with you that the purebred variety he resembles closest, though, is a really brassy Birchen.
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He sure is pretty! We let one of our hens hatch eggs. We got a Cochin EE mix. He is absolutely gorgeous. He looks like a big, jet black Cochin except that he has black muffs and a black beard. I still can't get over how beautiful he is. Enjoy your gorgeous boy!)

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