What heat lamp bulb to use?


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Apr 13, 2017
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Like this.
I have lots of spare bulbs of the first type you show, they're fine. And if the chicks get too hot, you can raise the bulb to make it further away from the chicks. I had them in a bathtub in the house for a few days, and hung the bulb on a bar that went the length of the tub. I could easily raise/lower the lamp, and I had it on a timer because the room got too hot with the bulb on all the time (small bathroom).
There are 2 different red heat bulbs made by ZooMed that are labeled bird safe and uncoated. In the reptile section at pet stores. 40-150 watt options I believe. They have a bunch but I only get the ones labeled for birds, it's right on the box.

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