What if it pips low in the carton?


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Jul 2, 2008
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I have one bantam egg that has pipped pretty low in the carton (using carton method). Question is...do I need to take it out and lay it on the side or do I leave it? What if it can't pip against the edge of the carton?

If it has pipped so low that it is up against the carton, I'd go ahead and take it out. The only issue is that the chick has gotten into hatching position with the egg upright and to lay it on it's side may interfere with hatching. I guess if they roll around in nests with broody hens, it should be ok to change it's position now!!
Well now the chick that has hatched has knocked the egg out of the carton!! The pipped area is face down! What am I gonna do now?
Even if I put it back this little chick may tip it over again.

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It might be a good idea to take the other chick out as long as you are going to be opening the incubator anyway to make sure the egg is stable and doesnt roll...
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