what if u dont eat eggs?

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    May 11, 2009
    ive got 6 girls who should be laying anytime now (if i count right, lol) theyre looking like grown chickens, BUT I dont eat eggs (vegan). i tried, i made a huge effort, and i will just never be able to eat them regulary. dh eats eggs often, but that pretty much it. we get wic and right now i have 4 dz eggs in the fridge, and two dz more i m supposed to buy. so uh, No shortage here, lol. normally we wouldnt have THAT many. idk what happened. So what do you do? could maybe my Dogs eat them regularly?? my kids are weird about them , Some days eggs are Good, and some (most) days they are "eew, Gross"

    oh i have chickens cuz i thought... idk, the egg thing was to sell dh on them, lol. i think theyre awesome and everyone should have a few OR buy their eggs local and pastured, make the world a better place.

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    $$$$$ Your neighbors will love them!
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    Your dogs would love to have some eggs. Its a great source of protein and even better when its fresh from your own hens. You'll definitely notice a difference in the health and shinyness of their coats. Just craack it open and serve it to them rare.
  4. I would sell them, or, feed them right back to the chickens for extra protein. Hard boil them, chop them up and get out of the way! They LOVE chopped hard boiled eggs!

    I'm probably the only one I know that actually BUYS eggs for her chickens! For when they are chicks and for a special treat . Untill they start to lay that is, then I have plenty.

  5. Just because it's on the WIC check does NOT mean you have to get them. [​IMG] So if you have too many, just don't buy them next time.

    You can start cooking with them. Make some cakes/pies/breads, and you'll be amazed at how quick they go. Start experimenting as well. Try an omlet. Put whatever things you know your kids like in it. (Cheese a huge hit here, and WIC should be providing you cheese!) Deviled eggs are a huge hit here. Make a rice pudding (Sugar and butter and cinnamon are a must. [​IMG] ) Browse through cook books, and pick recipes that use eggs. I have a recipe that uses a dozen for a pound cake.

    And yes you can feed them back to the chickens, and to the dogs. You'll get no complaints from them. Just boil them, or scramble them (I put the shell in the scrambled eggs for the pets!) Depending on the size dog you have as to how many they could eat. I will emphasize COOKING the eggs....only because I have an egg sucker here. My mini dachshund LOVES a raw egg, and would prefer to crack it open herself. [​IMG] I'm trying desperately to break this habit...but the chickens aren't helping when they decide to lay in nests in the yard, instead of the coop!!!

    Anyway, it's quite possible that eggs fixed other ways instead of the basic fried, scrambled or boiled, might just peek your curiousity and taste buds. Nothing to lose trying anyway, and what you don't want after you've tried it, again the dogs will eat it.

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    i fry up my eggs in olive oil chop them up and feed them to the chickens (free food for them)
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    Chickens like them too! Makes your dog or cats coat shine if fed to them (aha no bathing your dog in egg yolks don't think that would do much). Or just sell them like they suggested. Or maybe crafts? Donate the eggs to schools to hatch and stuff like that.
  8. Big C

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    Maybe you could give them to a local food bank so someone could get some benefit from them. A church in your area that has a food pantry for those in need.
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    Aug 11, 2009
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    [​IMG] throw them at your neighbors house

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    Feb 6, 2009
    Quote:We donated five dozen last week! However, if you are in a tight spot (hard times), I would suggest using or selling them.

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