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    So I am making an incubator and will be doing a hatch to see how it works. But my eggs I am going to use may be of mixed breeds! I have RIR roo and BCM roo. I have RIR, BPR and BCM hens. I know that the reds and rocks will be sex link but what I don't know is how the BCM will mix in? Can anyone help?
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    Not all cross breeds have a specific name (like "Olive Egger", "Red Star", etc. they are named like RIR/BCM), only some, such as Red or Black Sex-links are named because those two specific breeds are bred and they are good production birds, thus people sell them and came up with the name. If you want to know what specific crossbreeds look like, simply look it up on google images. Hope this helps!
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    Hi there, either of those roosters over the barred rock hens will create black sex links. However, neither a RIR rooster or a BCM rooster over a RIR hen or a BCM hen will create sex links, so only the eggs from the barred rocks will be sex links. From the BCM and RIR hens you will get either purebreds or general mutts that lay dark eggs depending on which rooster fathers each chick. If your BCM rooster has feathered legs, you will be able to tell which chicks are his because they should all have some leg feathers. The BCM rooster will pass on his dark egg traits so if he fertilizes eggs from the RIR hens the resulting offspring will lay darker eggs than a purebred RIR would, but lighter than a BCM. Hope this helps!
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    Yes that helps. I wasn't trying to create cross breeds not even sex link but I figure it is better to test with these eggs before buying better breed eggs. I do have some local friends that would love to have chickens just for eggs and these will be great for that purpose. Free chicks! Lol when it gets closer to spring I will pull the 3 BCM out into their own pen.
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    And depending upon how well the BCM line lays (some don't lay as prolific as they lay really dark), putting the BCM over the RIR, or the RIR over the BCM should give not only a hen that lays a darker than RIR/lighter than BCM but also more prolific than a BCM...you could end up with a rich brown, dependable layer...which is nice.

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