What is a roost hood?


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Mar 10, 2012
Out West
I am wondering if someone can provide photos or an explanation of a roost hood. I have an 8 x 8 insulated chicken coop with the vents at the to, two windows I close in winter, and a pop door under the poop board. Each winter I have to put styrofoam inserts into the one over the roosts to keep snow from falling onto the poop board and roosts. It only happens a few times a winter, but I think a roost hood, if it is what I'm thinking would stop that and still keep the ventilation going. I haven't had issues with ventilation, and I can't find anything including photos on a roost hood. I don't want to assume and make something that would be useless.
I have no idea either, but if you don't currently have problems with what you do why change it? You will be able to tell if you haven't enough ventilation by the smell of by moisture. Here we close up everything on the prevailing winds side, and keep the other end open. You need to figure out what works best for your situation. But after all that hopefully someone knows what a roost hood is.
I use what could be called a roost hood.
My coop is in a large shed with open eaves, the coop itself has a mesh 'ceiling' and I throw a couple large sheets of cardboard up there in the winter to block the roost area from any strong drafts and the occasional blown snow.

I don't have any pics with cardboard up there but...

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