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Jan 30, 2015
Please Help! I have a very sick young hen. She hasn't started laying yet. Her comb is pale, her crop is squishy but small. She is having water diarrhea. She won't eat. She stands and pants tail down, wings sagging down and her feet feel very hot. she has been in the house for two days. I thought overheated and gave her electrolytes and soaked her in a tub the first day and then started checking for being eggbound. Her vent is very small and i don't feel anything hard around it. I honestly don't see how an egg can come out of the vent hole. It is really small maybe dehydrated. Then I started checking for sour crop. It does smell bad out of her beak when i pushed on the crop. I can hear it is pretty squishy in there. But do her other symptoms match? What do I do.
Welcome to BYC.

How old is she?
What type of food/treats are you feeding?
Does she have grit available?
Have you treated for Coccidiosis?

With the sour smell coming from her beak she may have sour crop, the puffed up and panting could be Cocci.
Feed only her normal chick starter/all flock food, provide grit. If she were mine I would start treating for sour or doughy crop and cocci.

Treatment for Cocci is Corid which can be found at the feed store. Corid dosage for Cocci is 1 1/2 teaspoons Corid powder per gallon or 2 teaspoons of 9.6% Corid liquid per gallon. Give for 5-7 days - make sure this is the ONLY water available during that time period. Mix a fresh batch at least once a day.


This is what she looks like. I don't really give treats. They free range in the grass. And have grit oyster shells and egg shells. They eat dumor layer crumbles now that they are 22 weeks old.

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