what is backyard raised chickens means for you ?


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hello again for everybody

i am from egypt , backyard raised chickens here means for us not just a funny pet , it is family future for some . we have some families live on its eggs or meat profits only , some families would not eat protien without raising it and for me it is my way to fight economical weakness so i want to know what it means for everone

waiting for your opinions
Not very much different for me in the USA. It provides food that I know is as healthy as possible. It supplies money by selling the hatching eggs, which helps pay a little for the feed and housing. It saves money compared to buying meat and eggs. It provides a little independence from the government as I do not have to pay the hidden fees they tack on to food. I also raise game birds, livestock and vegetables so very little is purchased as food staples to sustain my family. That allows as you said a way to fight economic weakness.
Have a wonderful day.
I am currently in Utah, USA and for us the new chickens are mostly for the pet use but I am against pesticides and chemicals so for me it is a way to help safeguard my small garden. I am excited for the occasional egg that I may eat but am also excited to share those fresh eggs with friends. We will not be eating our chickens but may eventually breed them and in that case would possibly allow the roosters to provide food for friends that are interested in them.

The flock as baby's

4 years later

This is where some of our money comes from ..

The lady's

These will be up for sale soon .....
Started laying small egg's at 14 weeks ... EE pullets ..

Molted Houdan's
They sell some times .....

Our egg's mostly go to the incubator for hatching .....
But some of our egg's to to the house ....

amatboly, you have photos of your flock

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so you gardner sell hatched chicks for profits

no i have not pics for my birds , i do not know why but i will take some very soon and i wil share
I live in kansas, USA. My husband is from Tanzania, Africa. We just started raising chickens. We are raising them primarily for eggs. We will eat most of the roosters and the Cornish cross chickens. My husband says that fresh chicken is the best! Better than at the grocery store. We will see in a few weeks. They are kind of like pets for me though, I have taken care of them since they were day old chicks. And have grown attached. I will not do the butchering, that is his job.
I'm from Kansas too! Howdy, neighbor!

At least with the Cornish Cross you know that if you don't butcher them, they won't survive much longer anyway. Personally, we don't even bother with Cornish Cross because sustainability is our priority, and we can't breed our own. Whether or not it's true that their meat is less flavorful than heritage birds when raised in the same environment, I'll probably never know.

As for the emotional attachment to the roosters destined to be cooked, I discovered by accident that if I have a lot of chickens, it's easier for me to decide to butcher the extra roos that come along. I have my favorites, hens and roosters both, and they earn a permanent spot in the flock, but with over 120 chickens now I can no longer be emotionally attached to ALL of them. We butchered our first batch of 4 roosters a few weeks ago, and it was challenging for several reasons, but I got through it. The meat really is so much better than what's in the store, too, so you have that to look forward to.
Well I did research before buying chicks and apparently not enough. When I bought my chicks my choices were barred rocks, sex links, Cornish cross, and a mystery bin. So I got a variety and quickly learned about the Cornish cross and almost regretted getting 5 of them. But when all of the chicks are done in the brooder a I will have 25 chickens all together. I am trying to talk the hubby into cooking a few of the Cornish cross for Easter. They're 6 weeks old and are huge!
You mean aside from the pet benefits & being able to watch them in the garden

* I walk up the garden for fresh eggs.

* I plan to start selling hatching eggs soon & fresh eggs (thus generating a small income).

* I get free chicken meat from up the garden.

They are just amazing birds, I can't understand why more people don't keep them. Although if the tax they wacked on the E - Cigs in the UK is anything to go by, we could all end up paying "livestock tax" or something ridiculous because if everyone was doing it, do you really reckon the government would sit back & let shop sales fall with no return? Nope, we would all be taxed in some form or another.

The reality is, as a world, we don't really need money anymore because we are not dragging our knuckles anymore, we just need the initiative, they facilities & for people to care more. If people cared more, things would still get done like building homes etc because we are human & we care about others & the next generation.

The important things would still get done & as a whole community, everyone would benefit & attitudes would improve dramatically if more people knew others truly cared & weren't just doing things for the money. People would be able to study & follow their interests without it having to be all about money in their futures.

Money may have increased productivity as an incentive in the past, but we are all smarter now & human welfare should be as much off an incentive.

We are all capable of growing our own food by either running communal farms or in our own backyards.
I know some would disagree, its just my view of how things could be.

The ones who would be the worst of are those who would never let it happen.

A lot of people do volunteer work that they enjoy, think how it could be if everyone could do that.

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