What is going on with my ducks?


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Feb 1, 2016
I was getting 5-6 eggs a day. They started laying about a month ago. But the last two mornings there are only three and they are buried in a nest in the corner. Normally they are all just in a general area. But the nest is new and only 3? Any ideas?
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Has anything changed? Do they act like they've been scared? Our ducks are extremely sensitive to their surroundings. Even the smallest of thing changes and it throws everything off, especially egg laying. Last weekend we separated 13 ducklings from their Moms and all egg laying came to a complete halt. It'll take a week or so and things should get back to normal. Our neighbors dog broke got out of his yard the other day and it was almost impossible to get the entire flock out of their pen the rest of that day. If I was out, they'd come out but as soon as I went inside, back into the pen they'd go. They're clued into things you and I take for granted or don't think about.
They are free range. And I was gone for a week so a neighbor was taking care of them so maybe that has something to do with it?
That's what I'd put my money on!! My daughter lives close enough to visit once a month or so. Our ducks and geese have short memories because every time she shows up, it's like a brand new person and they have to get acclimated all over again.
I don't have a whole lot of exp with ducks. I got my first 3 pekin ducks a little over a year ago 1male 2 female. 1 of my females dropped her eggs where ever and my other had secret nest all over my yard every day was like a egg hunt.. some days one or the other would not lay and some times both would lay them in the same nest. then we could find any eggs for weeks and when my three ducks were killed by some ones dogs we found a hidden nest they both were laying their eggs in. So maybe they are not laying for reasons like others said or maybe they are hidden around your yard .
I agree that it could be a stresser causing them to not lay or that they could be laying in the yard. Another possibility is the weather. If it is really hot where you are it could cause them to stop laying.

It could also be the breed. Some breeds don't lay as often as others so they might be getting into a more normal cycle after an initial flurry of laying.

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