what is it? i was told a indian ringneck parrot help


5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
i bought a new bird yesterday at a auction (bridgenorth) and the auctioneer said it was a parakeet but im not sure what it is tbh here are a few pics of it maybe someone can help determine the breed for me?

whats everyones opinion?
Indian Ringneck it is not, I am pretty sure. They have bright orange beaks and are more streamlined. Your little friend looks a bit chubby. I'd lean more towards the Elegant Parakeet (Neophema elegans) because of the bright red cere band, though in lutinos it's usually white as seen below.
(and why that photo came out sideways, I have NO idea....)

The above poster is correct 100 per cent. I used to keep Kakarikis many year ago. They are such lively birds and need a long flight to be healthy.

That cage you have is far too small for it.

If you keep it in the house you must allow it as much free flight as possible.

they are very easy to tame. but so lively they will not settle down on you hand and let you pet them. They have 'ants in their pants' and can't keep still! Lovely to watch.

They also make lovely sounds quite different to other parakeets.

They need lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as standard parakeet seed mix.

The LOVE to bath......a shallow pan of water every day will delight you new pet.

Good luck with him.

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