What is meant by "greens"?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Curlita, Jun 22, 2008.

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    May 22, 2008
    Seattle, WA
    My chickies are not free-ranging yet (they've been out in their run for about a week and we need to repair a spot in the fence before they can run free without fear of them getting out into the neighborhood) so I've been trying to give them greens every day.... but I'm wondering what is meant by greens. I am not sure what needs they fill for chickens

    They love green peas, but these are actual more of a starch. Do peas fill the need for green?

    Apple peelings?

    Can I pull up a handful of grass or leafy weeds from the yard and bring to them?

    My chickens and I thank you in advance.
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    Hi Erica. I think a lot of people feed their chickens grass clippings as greens. I give mine leafy greens, like chard, kale, dandelion greens and spring mix salad from the grocery store. I'm doing the all organic thing and kind of spoil my girls. [​IMG]
    I believe, from what I've read, giving chickens greens makes dark, yummy yokes....makes for a better egg. I'm also going to be giving them flax seed, when they get a bit older and are closer to laying, to boost up the omega-3's. It's all about a healthy egg for us. [​IMG]
    Hope this helps....I'm no expert though...but there are some wise chicken folks here. Hopefully they'll chime in.
  3. I think that anything the color green would fall under that catagory,I give mine grass, weeds I pull up,lettuce and cabbage leaves. marrie
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    My five-week-old blue Orpingtons get lots of leaves from the garden, kale, various lettuces, collard, mustard, turnip. They don't care much for cabbage leaves, but I only tried cabbage once; maybe it takes getting used to. I have a row of kale, mustard, and collards that came back from last year; it's all bolted and gone to seed; they love it all.
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    Our yard is an old 2 acre, hill-side hayfield...no lawn here. [​IMG]

    The cool thing about that is that we have tons of dandelion leaves, henbit, chickweed, clover leaves and flowers and comfrey.

    We also grow other leafy greens for them when it's cool enough such as Mesclum mixed greens, chard, spinach, etc.


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