What is my Rouen doing?


Aug 7, 2018
San Antonio
I don't have video yet, so I am going to try to describe it as best as I can.

So... Sunshine is female, who leads around a male Pekin and a male runner mix. Seriously. She leads them around like dogs on a leash.

In the last two weeks, I have noticed a weird behavior with her. She seems to walk around with them with a low grunty-quack, bobbing her head to the ground while she herds them around. It almost looks like she is ripping them a new one while yelling at them like a mom who caught her HS sons in the back with a beer.

Does this sound like anything anyone's girls do???
Yes, that's completely normal! I'm not actually sure what it means, it really depends on the context. It's just duck behavior, all of my hens do it. Sometimes they do it when they're mad or when they're telling the others to back off. From my experience, usually it's the dominant ones that do it.
Thanks. We notice that she does it when Maggie gets in trouble with us, or that he chased another female. She really only seems to do it to Maggie.

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