what is normal rooster behavior?

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    May 2, 2012
    I have 15 chickens that are all almost 6 months old. 2 are male. these are my first chickens.

    I have questions about my dominant roo:

    I've heard about mating dances, but I don't think he does that at all...he just chases them around, grabs feathers and goes at it. they don't seem to like it one bit....Is that normal?

    He is not mean to my husband or I but yesterday he attacked a friend that was visiting. I wasn't around to see it, but evidently waited until the guy's back was turned and tried to spur him.

    should I get rid of this rooster?
  2. Different roosters have different "styles" and you may not have enough girls for 2 roos...just depends on them. He's a cad for not at least dancing for them a little bit! The big point here is the attack on the friend. That alone would put him on my list of reasons to be rid of him. I would watch both boys closely. If the one gets to the point of making the girls dread his presence.....there will be no peace in the flock. I just re-homed one of my 2 for that reason...he's happier where he is now and the flock is so much less stressed now and functioning as they should. The boy I kept does dance nicely for them and if they don't want to be bothered he doesn't make a huge issue of it. He still has plenty of mounting time ( and he is a gentleman about it). It was a relief for all. The two girls that were always hiding are now happy to be out and about and part of the flock.
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  3. X2 Very good insight. Roosters can behave well towards the hens.
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    YES! Don't tolerate spurring. There are too many nice roos in the world. Get one!!
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