What is squatting?


8 Years
Nov 23, 2011
What does squatting indicate? I know that it can be a sign that a pullet is ready to lay. However I assume that is not the only thing it means. Does it mean sexual maturity, like being able to be mounted by a rooster? Is it submissive? Are there anymore reasons? And why do some chickens not squat?
Your right, squatting indicates that the hen is submissive and willing to be mounted. They only do this when they are mature enouph to lay or getting ready to lay. Some chickens don't squat because they have no interest in it. Just like some will never go broody.
The submissive goes w/ the sexual maturity goes w/ the ready-to-be-mounted gig. She squats for mounting (it's efficacious and also keeps her safe from being hurt) which, I suppose, could be seen as submissive. (I like to think she's being cooperative!)

So it's all about mating. Aren't so many things? :)

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