What is the best nest to use for my budgie?

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  1. Hey! New to raising parakeets and I would like to know what nesting box works the best. Should I go with a regular wood nesting box you can get at the pet shop? or should I get a Kozy Keet log? I have four parakeets, two of them are old enough to hatch eggs but they don't act like they want to and she hasn't laid any eggs. Is it because they don't want to or because there isn't a nest yet? Should I separate those two from the others because they see the others as a threat? If you have any good info on raising parakeets, please post! Thanks!
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    Back when I used to breed parakeets and finches a couple of years ago, I used the nest boxes they sell at the pet stores, They work great and are comfortable enough for the parakeets to raise their young, which sometimes could be 4 or 5. Having the nest box will make them curious and can trigger their instinct to mate and lay eggs. You do not need to separate a pair from the rest for them to nest, lay and hatch babies. I never separated mine, they did their thing and paired up naturally and successfully hatch. The only time I separated a pair was to guarantee the mating was absolutely exclusive between the two, for no other reason, I would separate, they are gregarious birds and benefit from being in a flock. Good Luck!
  3. Thank you so much! I have been kind of stuck on the whole thing and I wasn't sure what to do. I knew my bird peeps would cover me on it and sure enough you guys did. :hugs

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