WHAT is the deal with this???


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We have three cats. All three cats use the box faithfully!!!!

Except when they are in Sara's room. It never fails, if her door is open, even if she is sleeping in there, they poop ON her. On the blanket she is using.

These animals NEVER potty anywhere else.

Pardon me while I
Mojo Chick'n :

my cat used to bury my husband's socks in her catbox - I think they just don't like sara


Honestly? Sara is a pig. She is a very attractive young lady with a wonderful personality and very fun to be around, but she is like pig pen. A big cloud of dust and trash follows her everywhere. I love the child (20 years old) but this very cracks me up!​
thats sad!

When we lived in a rental house my cats suddenly started peeing on the carpet in the dinningroom!
I'm pretty sure the people before us had let their animals mess on that carpet

Once we moved they went back to peeing in the box only.

What are the chances its something to do with the room?
Try putting her blanket somewhere else and see if the same thing happens.
I would guess that they don't like her.

I had a housemate who had cats, and her cats hated her. They would often climb up on her bed while she was sleeping and urinate on her. Why she kept them around was beyond me. Oddly enough, they seemed to like me, and I'm not much of a cat person.
Once a few years back, Mr Saddi and I argued over something, loudly. He decided to sleep on the sofa in a sleeping bag. All 3 of the cats peed on him that night. Only time they've done it, but clearly they don't like when we argue. (We never argue...
When DH was growing up, he was laying on his back and napping on the floor. The family cat came and laid on his chest, then he got a wiff.... yep, the cat pooed right on his chest.

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