what is the difference between domestic and wild mallards??

Genetically, nothing really significant. All of our domestic breeds, except for the muscovies, come from mallard stock originally. In fact, there are some breeders who have wild-type mallards that they maintain in captivity. I believe you have to show documentation that you didn't just grab these birds from the wild and that they were captive bred, but I'm not 100 percent certain.

The biggest difference would be if you got your mallard from domestic stock, he's probably got genes that code for color somewhere back in his lines, or that his genes that regulate growth or weight-gain are a little skewed. Otherwise, you have yourself a good lookin' bird, in my opinion!
A mallard is a mallard, no difference. Domestic mallards should have there right hind toe clipped. No other documentation is needed for them, only other migratory species unless stated by state laws.
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Well it depends. If it is just a local county fair/show the rules will differ if you have to show him/her by themselves or if they have to be a male/female pair. Some shows require certain tests to be done before birds are brought. Best thing to do would be to check with the place you want to show them for all the rules and regs.

How did you acquire the bird?
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