What is the dosage of red pepper and in what form should it be given,,,, in water or food????


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Sep 14, 2013
I would like to know in what form should i give red pepper to my chickens and in what form adn how often etc
Yep... not that they have any, at least not that i know of..... I only have the chickens a couple of weeks, they are rescue battery hens so i would assume that would have been sorted out to the point where they may not get them for a while yet. I would just like to know this stuff for future reference..
Actually... After joining Backyard Chickens I never knew were so vulnerable to so many problems since.
All chickens have worms if they are on dirt. Many people use cayenne pepper or pumpkin seeds for worms. There is no certain amount. People have also discovered worms in dead chickens' intestines or in fecal tests after using these things. They may help keep levels low, but wormers like Valbazen and Safegard goat wormer work best. Chickens with worms may lay fewer eggs.
Food. Some people that make fermented feed add the pepper to the feed freshly once a week. The pumpkin seeds are easily eaten in placing a pumpkin in the yard for a few days, and they eat everything. I have bought seeds online, and they don't eat them. However, I have ground them up and put on food. Mine don't like them. They don't seem to taste the hot pepper. Garlic is another herb that some like. I put things like that in yogurt, then add it to wet crumbles or pellets, and mix it up so there is lots for everyone.

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