What is the normal number of eggs in the oviduct?


11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Western PA
I kept three Freedom Ranger hens from last year's meat flock. (An experiment I will not repeat.) One died with a grossly enlarged heart this spring, I sent one to the processor with my Cornish this week, and one -- the famous Dale "Supersize" McNugget -- died suddenly last week.

On necropsy (aka dressing out the bird for the dogs' dinner and looking closely at the innards), I found EIGHT intact egg yolks (and probably a total of nine, since there seemed to be one broken one) inside.

Is that a normal number of eggs to be queued up? I can't find any information on how many yolks would typically be in the oviduct. I thought I had once read that three would be typical, but can't remember where.

And I am not sure they were in the oviduct -- they seemed to be loose in the body cavity, but of course it's likely I ruptured the oviduct while dressing her out.

Perhaps she was an internal layer?

Anyone have any insight on this

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