What is the problem!! lol

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Feb 7, 2008
Why does everyone's chickens come to them and get in their hands and play and mine freak out and run like crazy from me? When I catch them and believe me this can take awhile they try to get away at first but affter a bit they are okay. And if I go to catch the same one again it's just as scared as it was the first time. Confused and jealous. lol
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You have to play with them everyday for a fairly good amount of time. Make suer you have treats. Don't swoop down to catch them, scoop from the side with a undercup type motion. Swooping from above instinctively kicks in the panic, run and hide mode to avoid air born predator attacks.
It takes a lot of patience!! What helped me was when i had guineas, which by the way are not easily tamed and wild little things, I was told to instead of reaching down towards them, to put your hand flat in there and go towards them slowly. It really did work well. So when I got my babies, I did the same thing and they learned that I wasn't a big scary thing attacking them from above. If you put your hand in with them they will get curious and want to come see what it is...try that and see how it goes....When you do get a hold of them, just cuddle them. I had a purple towel that I used to drape over my self and when I would hold them, they would all run up under my chin and I would sit and hold them as they fell aleep and them I would put them back as they would start to wake up and run around again....
No worries..your babies will love you!!!!
Mine always run. At about four weeks old their temperaments change and they love me! As adults, the run to me then run away! Silly little boogers
Ya I have been coming from above instead of from the sidei It's just so wierd because when I do get them they like me holding them but I could put it down and try to get it again immediatley and it gets scared. So weird. And when I catch one they ALL stop chirping it's total silence. lol
No worries!! You'll get it.they will love you in no time!!
I was wondering the same thing! I have been coming from above...I will try the from the side scoop method!! Since giving mine crickets, they don't freak out about my hand being in the brooder, some come check it out and peck at my rings or my beauty mark on my finger! I hope yours and mine come around like everyone else's have!!


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