What is the proper dose of Poly-vi-sol for 2 day old bantam chick?


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May 30, 2009
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I have seen conflicting dosages from 1 drop a day for a week to 2 drops 3x per day. Is there a standard dose? The chick has a foot that she holds up and will not walk on. The foot does not seem responsive to touch. She was like that when I took her out of the post office box. Any advice would be very appreciated.
I'd love to know too! I have a baby hatched sometime in the night and she sits on her belly and hides under mom. other chicks doing great...she's just..."lumpy". OMG-that will be her name!
umean babies human? Ok, I looked it up , its a mutlti-vitamin, so normally I would say , dont worry, give it as much as you want, the body eliminates what it doesnt need (this isnt true of oil soluble vitamins). The problem is it contains IRon. I will try and research how iron and poultry get along.

I have found several studies where chicks were given iron supplements but I can not find a dosage. Several studies indicated the the chicks were intravenously Fe-59, so I think they can probably tolerate it. My suggestion give them the smallest dosage on the label.

I always give my new born chicks Pedialyte, it has the main electrolytes and probably too much sugar, but that gives them the energy to get up , get around, and eat the Gel-grow. Potassium, sodium and chloride are minerals known as electrolytes. In the body, they are vital for proper cell function and growth and other than sugar, thats all it has in it.
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