What is this? Lash egg?


Jul 7, 2017
Be warned there are pictures!! :sick
I'm pretty sure this was laid by my hen that had problems a couple months ago. She's seemed fine since, hasn't laid anything, and then this.

Sorry about the lash egg. That is caused by salpingitis, an inflammation and infection in the oviduct. Several different bacteria could be the cause, and usually antibiotics do not help when it is far enough along to cause the lash material. Here is some reading:

Shoot. I didn't realize a lash egg was such a bad thing. Crap :( I will try and get her antibiotics. I'm in California, we have a vet nearby but I've been trying not to go due to the vND outbreak and I don't want to risk my whole flock. I'll see if they'll do anything without having to see her.

On another note... I wonder if there is something I'm doing(or not doing) causing it. I have another chicken, same age, that hasn't laid an egg in awhile. Her eggs were always thin, didn't lay much, and it got progressively worse and worse until she just didn't lay anymore. I also took her to the vet a year or so(?) ago and she got some antibiotics then. Wondering if we stopped the infection then with her... However, she has had reoccurring wry neck(hense vet visit) and I do wonder if that's a genetic issue tho since her first episode (4-6 months old??) was before she laid eggs.

Anyways, I'm wondering if we have a disease or something environmental going on. I haven't seen signs of disease other than the egg issue and wry neck. Any thoughts?

They're on layer food. We have 4 chickens, all silkies or sizzles we got from the same breeder. 2 of them turned 2 in May and we have 2 new pullets that are almost 6 months. One pullet just started laying pretty much every day. She's the only one laying. Their coop is 6x8 and the run is 4x16 and they're out every day. Theyre on pine shavings in the coop and dirt and shavings in the run. In your opinion, how often should I be changing it?

While reading it did sound like the infection is just by chance but I feel like this is too much of a coincidence...
Chicken diseases are numerous and sometimes complex. So are chicken disorders. I have a sneaky suspicion we don't have more poultry vets because they are big cowards about learning about a complex animal that is more than just a food source.

It is possible your chickens have been victims of breeding and genetics. It's also possible they are carrying a virus they got while still in their eggs that is causing these problems to occur. The only way to know for sure what might be the underlying factor is to get a necropsy on the next chicken that dies.

Even if you knew if a virus is responsible, you would still be reduced to treating secondary issues. An antibiotic might be a good idea. Too bad you're in California with overzealous laws an restrictions on antibiotics. If you have a vet that is sympathetic, maybe they will get you the antibiotics you need without insisting on treating the chicken.
It can be common for chickens to have reproductive disorders when they are over two. Internal laying, salpingitis, egg yolk peritonitis, ascites, and cancer are very common. If chickens get exposed to the respiratory virus, infectious bronchitis, in their lives, they can have egg shell problems and odd shaped eggs. These are all common causes of death in hens. Once you see lash egg material, it may be too late for antibiotics to work. A lot of vets will not prescribe the antibiotics needed to treat the type of bacteria involved in salpingitis. Baytril or enrofloxacin is one of the better ones, and it is banned for chickens. Some vets will still prescribe it, since it treats many bacteria, such as E.coli, mycoplasma, and others that may be involved.

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