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  1. Is this just straight feather plucking or something else? This is one of my 12 weekers (an EE) pullet. Yesterday we noticed her back and tail feathers looked a bit thin. She was acting totally fine and no one seemed to be after her. This morning she looked about the same. I just took pics, and something is obviously going on. She had a bit of dander, too. I have separated her and put some neosporin on the scabby parts, but this covers a good portion of her bottom back. She is acting completely normal (eating/drinking/pooing), but you know that goes.



    [​IMG] This one was taken after neosporin, thus the sheen.

    I have one out there that I will be surprised if it's not a roo. I only had one other get a mouthful of feathers, and that turned out to be a boy, so he was rehomed.

    Thing is, every night they free range for several hours and then put themselves to bed. Every night, there is a good deal of boxing going on inside (they all like the same teeny tiny spot in the corner, lol). Last night there was something a bit more that sent three back into the run. I am too short to totally see what is going on inside, and it's almost completely dark by the time they put themselves in, so I can't really see what is going on (all I can see are heads).

    On the one hand, it's we don't mind having a house chicken again. Otoh, I had hoped to be completely injury free for a considerable amount of time. They have plenty of room in the run and inside their condo, so I know they aren't getting bored and just picking at each other. I haven't *seen* anyone picking at her, either.

    What does this look like to you all? Anything more to get worried about?


    Tikki [​IMG]

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    looks like it might be rooster damage if you have an older rooster mating with her, or it could be lice or mites. The picture is blurry - are those white specks I see stuck to her feathers that could be lice eggs?
  3. Judy

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    I can't tell from the pics, sorry. I'm wondering if the dander was lice/mites, maybe? Or it could just be the roost squabbling; mine certainly have to do some of that daily, and it seems they have to peck each other on the back when they do (and everywhere else.)
  4. I know! Hard to get a clear pic with the poor lighting, while spreading feathers and trying to keep her still, lol. I don't see any evidense of lice or mites, but am thinking I'll dust to be safe once the neosporin has had time to sink in a little.

    At this point, I don't have anyone crowing, but that doesn't mean there isn't a cockerel in the midst....

    I'll try to get some better ones outside if I can find some sun.

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    I have a bunch of roos that pull out their feathers at that age I guess its ichy?? But if its lice try dusting her with DE or 7/5 dust
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    I had an EE (same color!) and looking at your pictures, I had the same problem. I had 6 other birds of the same age plus 4 RIR roosters. I never determined what exactly happened, BUT....she healed up fine and is doing great:). Could be mites, but it really looks to me like some pecking going on by the other birds. I'm not an expert, but just giving you my opinion on what happened to me!
    PS...My wife is a homeschool mom, hats off to you!
  7. More pics, not outside, but hopefully better lighting.




  8. Quote:Thanks! [​IMG] This will be our 9th year, and honestly, I can't see us ever going back. [​IMG]

    I'm sure she'll be just fine in the long run, so long as it's not something disease related. I think it's prolly plucking.
  9. RhodeIslandRedFan

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    thank you for the additional pictures. I know what you mean about taking pictures of chickens - they never hold still! I don't see the white specks that I thought might be lice eggs in the other picture. My guess is this is from pecking by the others. Can you separate her for a day or two and continue to apply the Neosporin? That way you can see if there is any improvement knowing no one is pecking her. Maybe others have different suggestions?
  10. sourland

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    To me it looks like physical damage either from a rooster or fighting. It actually happened a while ago and is nicely scabbed over and the lost feathers are being replaced by pinfeathers.

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