What is with this girl!


11 Years
Dec 27, 2008
Sweetpea, one of my SS 6 weekers is super friendly, but today her thing is sitting on my shoulder, cherping in my ear and grooming my head
which is a little on the insulting side because I don't have bugs! I just love her to death, but if Ive put her in the brooder box with her 4 sisters once today Ive put her in there 25. If I walk to the kitchen sink and turn around there she is , if I go to the bathroom and shut the door she stands there and screams til i come out, If i go out back she stands in the door way and screams at the door. If she can't find me she screams until I call her name then she comes fly/hopping as fast as she can jumps up on me and starts in with the peeping non-stop. I think it was yesterday I posted that I took a nap and she was in the box when I layed down in my recliner for a nap and woke up to her standing on the arm of the chair peeping very loudly at me and woke me up, then she calmly walked up my arm to my shoulder and started grooming my head,! Now mind you the girl has 4 sisters in that box that she could cuddle up with but she wants nothing to do with them she would rather be out with the dogs chasing me around the house or being held, I think it so.... cute, but at the same time Im not sure if she is obsessed or just plain Needy! Well finially just a few minutes ago she hopped off my lap and got back in the box I assumed to go to sleep but nope she is eating. I so hope she goes to sleep soon! I feel like Ive been babysitting a toddler today that has had way too much sugar! and Im so tired. LOL I love sweet friendly chicks but this little girl is way over the top, I don't want to be mean to her and chase her off too much
but at the same time I sure wish she would give me a break at some point during the day, I wish the rain would stop so I could put them out in the run just so Mommy could get a little me time!
thats awesome! I had a chick a friend was holding for me while i built up my coop/run, and out of 40 birds, her dog got hold of mine (oddly enough named sweet pea) and killed her. my SS is my friendliest bird, sitting on our lap, eating from our hands, talking to us the whole time i am in the run. I LOVE IT! its rare to get a bird like this, consider it a blessing.
Are you sure she's a girl. I had 2 light sussex chicks who behaved just like that. i kept them in a cage in the kitchen and everytime i came in they would scream at me till i let them out. They were always jumping out and by far the most friendly, climbing all over me. Both turned out to be boys, i was gutted. I didn't get any sussex hens out of the hatch so I can't comment on what the girls were like but sweet pea sounds just like snowball.
I think that's sweet.

I have one little d'Uccle teenager that, although not as intense as yours, loves me to hold her while I'm doing my chicken chores.

She'll jump up on my back if I don't first pick her up.

Yep pretty sure their all 5 girls there almost 7 weeks and no color on comb, or no wattles showing all feathered out early, all the signs of little girls! If shes a boy their all boys LOL. But Im keeping my figures crossed anyway. Uno is my only Adult SS that I have and she is so super friendly, come when I call her name, she is the only one that I let free range everytime I go out because I know she will come back when called and easypeazy to grab in a hurry if I have too and I wanted more birds like her. Guess I got em HUH!! ?? LOL

Come to think of it though if one turned out by chance to be a roo, it would actually be a good thing, I could make my own little flock of SS !
sounds like you just became a new mother lol
the same hting happened with my little leghorn chick, June, i got from a school project. she was the leftover one so i just took her and the first night she was home she WOULD NOT go to sleep unless i was there so i ended up on the living room floor with a little white chick cuddled up next to me. she's two years old now and still follows me everywhere when i'm outside, although, fortunatly, she's latched on to my roo, Darkflight, instead of me...poor Darkflight
Well sweetpea is def. NOT afraid of the dogs, her and my 2 seven week old teacup poodle pups are chasing each other she chases them a while then , then her and one pup chases the other pup then they switch off, this girl is def. an odd little duck (chick)! The adult dogs just ignore her or run her over while shes trying to run with the pack! LOL The only one that actually scared her alittle is Sally my 14 year old Black Lab, she old and grouchy when she is trying to sleep and she will bark at her and then she comes running to mom (ME), other than that this girl is fearless! I think this girl needs a Preditor Preparedness Class, cause she has no Idea, shes really lives a very sheltered life! LOL
I know , right!! problem is that I don't have a place for young chicks yet, there too young to put in with the big girls, They do get to go out in the yard with me when its nice, problem with the stupid weather were having crappy, stormy, rainy yukky weather right now! But I can't wait for them to be out full time! They love it! but at the same time, Im going to miss this little girl! think I might have to invest in chicken Diapers for her to wear and come in the house with the rest of the Humans ! LOL She clearly thinks she is anything but a barnyard chicken. LOL

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