What is wrong with my chicken?

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  1. crmsteach

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    Apr 25, 2008
    About a week ago my five week old New Hampshire Red hen started holding her head down and walking backwards. She was with five other hens. I have isolated her. Sometimes she holds up her head and walks forward. When I placed another hen with her, she started putting her head down again and walking backwards. Naturally, I removed the other chicken. Has anyone ever heard of this behavior?
  2. ruth

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    Jul 8, 2007
    Woodville, MS
    Could be a vitamin deficiency/malabsorbtion issue. Add Poly-vi-sol to her water or give her a couple of drops directly in beak a couple of times a day. There is also a produce AviaCharge that can be ordered that is specifically for chickens. Poly-vi-sol is a liquid baby vitamin/supplement that can be bought at drug store. In addition to the Poly-vi-sol you might want to try some Vitamin E capsules. Just cut top off of one and squirt out so she can eat it. DHLUnicorn also advises a low level of selenium to help absorb the vitamin E but I didn't use it with Ruth and still had a full recovery from the very thing you are describing.

    Good luck. Take a look at DHLUnicorn's posts if she doesn't see this and reply. She has a wealth of information on her website.

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