What is wrong with my pullets eyes? PLEASE HELP


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May 29, 2013
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One day I went into our coop and found that the smallest pullet was rubbing on her eyes. I picked her up and noticed the corners of her eyes were red. At first I thought she got pecked by another one of my larger birds. So I separated her and started to put antibiotic ointment on it. after a few days it got worse and she started acting like she was blind. Now both her eyes are swollen and it looks like it is her third eyelid that is inflamed. I read about respiratory infections but if she did have a respiratory infection, wouldn't my whole flock be showing signs? My other suspicion is eye worms but i'm not sure. Please help im new at chicken raising and i'm trying the best I can. Any advice would help!
Respiratory infections can cause the eyes to swell. That was our first chicken illness three years ago...we thought that our hen had been pecked in one eye. We went to the vet and she prescribed antibiotics which knocked it right out. RI doesn't always show up in the whole flock, so separate the sick chick asap. .Of course our rooster came down with it too, so we ended up treating two chickens, but they kept each other company. I've also read that Tylan, sold a farm stores, is good for RI.

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